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This is going to be mainly a food-porn post, in which I indulge myself with all the beautiful pictures I took of porridge whilst I was in America.

Porridge is one of my favourite breakfast foods, and possibly ranks in my top 10 foods of all time. Whilst out in the Hamptons, I was using classic Quaker Oats, with semi-skimmed milk and water, then adding a splash of milk on top after the porridge was cooked. New technique, but I loved it. Toppings included a variety of seeds and fruit and jams.

Enjoy the photos:

Blueberries and flax seeds –

 foodfighttime flax

Peach, roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, drizzled honey –

foodfighttime peach2

Raspberries, flax seeds and strawberry jam –

foodfighttime rasp

Blueberries and apricot jam –

foodfighttime blueberry

Strawberries, blueberries, flax seeds and strawberry jam –foodfighttime white bowl foodfighttime side 

For more unusual porridge, please check out my absolutely delightful carrot-cake oatmeal.


3 Ways to Help Yourself Behave

I’ve recently been trying to slim down a tiny bit again. All the usual things: summer is round the corner, my birthday is next month, I’m going to a wedding on Saturday etc etc. Anyway, I’ve found a few things that have really helped me stay on track – steering me away from the chips and dips, and towards the home-made soups and kale!


1. Fit-spiration

Many of you may have heard of the evil twin sister to this motivational technique – “thin-spiration”. Thin-spiration is a hideous hideous thing. It’s a word generally used by people suffering from eating disorders to describe the reams of photographs they look at of un-naturally skinny other people, whether they be celebrities or just other fellow anorexics. It is a distinctly un-healthy idea, but the need for inspiration to achieve our goals is a common one. I recently heard someone talk about “fit-spiration” and thought that sounded wonderful. Find a picture of somebody who is in excellent shape – slim but healthy. Somebody who is fit and strong. Make that your goal. I stumbled across this picture when I was shopping online for a new sports bra, and it’s stayed on my laptop desktop ever since!



2. Health food blogs

I’ve previously talked about my favourite food porn website: http://beautifulpicturesofhealthyfood.tumblr.com/

But I’ve now got a new favourite health-food blog, and it’s all vegan. Readers, meet Deliciously Ella. Deliciously Ella, meet my readers. Once you find a brilliant health food blog, it’s easy to stay healthy yourself, because you crave their recipes. You want to make what they make, you want to eat what they eat. Gone are the desires for a Dominos pizza with burgers in the crust, and here come the impulses to make a vat of quinoa every weekend, just to add to all my dishes during the week. I want to make this, and this… and most of all these. Get a healthy obsession, and suddenly being good isn’t a chore.

3. Fruit and Veg Challenge

Recent research has found that our ideas of 5-a-day are way under what we really should be consuming. Apparently it’s more like 7-a-day. But let’s be honest, we all knew that the more fruit and vegetables we ate, the healthier and happier we’d be; There isn’t a limit. I’ve recently set myself challenges – every now and then I say, “let’s eat solely fruit and veg today”. It’s easier than you think. I eat fruit all morning, have a salad dressed with lemon juice and plenty of herbs for lunch, more fruit in the afternoon and then a home-made soup for dinner, or a mound of all my favourite vegetables: Green beans, cauliflower, aspargaus, mushrooms. Challenge yourself to eat 7 portions of fruit and veg today, and just see how much the bad stuff you consume goes down.


Wholemeal Pancakes


Yesterday was a very special day in England – Pancake Day. Religiously it is known as “shrove Tuesday”, but in England it is the one day of the year when everybody goes wild for pancakes. And we’re not talking big, thick american pancakes – we’re talking the french kind – crepes.

Crepes with ham and cheese

Crepes with lemon and sugar

Crepes with nutella and banana…

I was looking forward to a classic “pancake day” with crepes a-plenty, but wanted to do it a little healthier this year. So I looked up a more nutritious recipe. I must admit that the one I found left me dubious. I was throwing a pancake day lunch for 2 friends, and made normal batter for them, convinced that my healthy concoction was going to turn out disgusting.

How wrong I was.

Here is the incredibly easy recipe for my wholemeal pancakes, which turned out absolutely delightfully. They were more filling and more tasty than the usual, and a whole lot better for me. I filled my savoury crepes with ham, light goats cheese, mushrooms, basil and chilli peppers; Then I filled my sweet crepes with Whole Earth dark chocolate spread, strawberry slices and banana slices. It was a very satisfying and delicious lunch, which felt 10x more indulgent than it actually was. Enjoy.

Wholemeal Crepe Batter

1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk (or soy milk)

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup wholemeal flour

1 egg white


Mix the two liquids together, then whisk in the egg white. Add the flour bit by bit whilst whisking, until you have your completed batter. Add a sprinkle of salt.