Jazzed up Greek Salad

ImageLast week I felt dehydrated. I was drained, and woke up every day with a headache. Obviously my body was lacking water, but I felt like I was drinking loads.

Time to bring in the back-up… water in food. I decided to make a mammoth-sized salad, greek style – but with added bits, vegetables that are known for being high in water content. I added mushrooms and beetroot, so the ingredients were as follows:


Lucy’s Jazzed up Hydrating Greek Salad Bowl

Leaves – kale and rocket (half a mixing bowl full!)



Red Onion

Mushrooms (briefly cooked in a teaspoon of coconut oil)



Plenty of dry oregano, olive oil and lemon juice to dress it


It was absolutely delicious and incredibly filling. Remember, a lot of the time you feel hungry, your body is actually just thirsty. You’re dehydrated. Our bodies are about 60% water! And I know I’m not the first blogger to point that out! This is not me saying that every time you’re craving something to eat, you should just drink water. You need to know your own body and judge every feeling individually. I know when I’m occasionally feeling faint and my body actually really needs fuel, and I also know when I’m just restless and a bit dehydrated, so I’m reaching for the peanut butter and the teaspoon!

But this salad did just the trick. It filled me to the brim, and I was peeing non-stop for the rest of the day (now we’ve discussed going to the toilet, we’re all very good friends).

Try it yourself and notice how good you feel. It’s not just the water in all those vegetables, but the nutrients in so much raw food.  Enjoy!


See my post on Lucy Salads for other suggestions for mammoth-sized salad bowls to fill you up, and see my post on greek food for breaking down the various advantages of such a salad. And finally, read here why kale is such a fantastic way to bulk up your salad.






Wholemeal Pancakes


Yesterday was a very special day in England – Pancake Day. Religiously it is known as “shrove Tuesday”, but in England it is the one day of the year when everybody goes wild for pancakes. And we’re not talking big, thick american pancakes – we’re talking the french kind – crepes.

Crepes with ham and cheese

Crepes with lemon and sugar

Crepes with nutella and banana…

I was looking forward to a classic “pancake day” with crepes a-plenty, but wanted to do it a little healthier this year. So I looked up a more nutritious recipe. I must admit that the one I found left me dubious. I was throwing a pancake day lunch for 2 friends, and made normal batter for them, convinced that my healthy concoction was going to turn out disgusting.

How wrong I was.

Here is the incredibly easy recipe for my wholemeal pancakes, which turned out absolutely delightfully. They were more filling and more tasty than the usual, and a whole lot better for me. I filled my savoury crepes with ham, light goats cheese, mushrooms, basil and chilli peppers; Then I filled my sweet crepes with Whole Earth dark chocolate spread, strawberry slices and banana slices. It was a very satisfying and delicious lunch, which felt 10x more indulgent than it actually was. Enjoy.

Wholemeal Crepe Batter

1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk (or soy milk)

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup wholemeal flour

1 egg white


Mix the two liquids together, then whisk in the egg white. Add the flour bit by bit whilst whisking, until you have your completed batter. Add a sprinkle of salt.


Gorging on Winter Side-Dishes

I’ve eaten a lot this evening. It’s been a binge day. But thanks to my rule of not buying any bread/potatoes/sweets/crisps for my own flat, the worst I could binge on was buttered rice cakes… and I certainly did that, after my celery dipped in salsa, oatcakes dipped in pesto and corn thins dipped in almond butter. However, the most delicious thing I ate were these wonderful bowls of vegetables, otherwise known as the “winter side-dishes” (even though they played the role of protagonist in my mealtimes today).

Firstly the spinach:




I got the idea for this from my favourite food porn website. Firstly I fried a small handful of pine-nuts and a small handful of raisins in about a teaspoon of coconut oil. Then I steamed a whole 240g bag of spinach, drained it, chopped it up and added it to the pan. All the ingredients were sizzled around a little, salt and pepper was added, and voila. Delicious and nutritious.


The second dish was the hot mushroom and carrot dish:

ImageA large carrot was grated, and a box of mushroom were sliced. An onion was fried in a small dash of olive oil, and a chopped chilli pepper was added. Then the mushroom and carrot was added, along with a handful of cranberries (keeping it festive, and adding a bit of tang to the dish). A dash of worcester sauce and a slop of teriaki sauce joined the party, and finally a generous teaspoon of paprika was thrown on top. The bowl was garnished with some chopped coriander, and I was ready to go.