Wholemeal Pancakes


Yesterday was a very special day in England – Pancake Day. Religiously it is known as “shrove Tuesday”, but in England it is the one day of the year when everybody goes wild for pancakes. And we’re not talking big, thick american pancakes – we’re talking the french kind – crepes.

Crepes with ham and cheese

Crepes with lemon and sugar

Crepes with nutella and banana…

I was looking forward to a classic “pancake day” with crepes a-plenty, but wanted to do it a little healthier this year. So I looked up a more nutritious recipe. I must admit that the one I found left me dubious. I was throwing a pancake day lunch for 2 friends, and made normal batter for them, convinced that my healthy concoction was going to turn out disgusting.

How wrong I was.

Here is the incredibly easy recipe for my wholemeal pancakes, which turned out absolutely delightfully. They were more filling and more tasty than the usual, and a whole lot better for me. I filled my savoury crepes with ham, light goats cheese, mushrooms, basil and chilli peppers; Then I filled my sweet crepes with Whole Earth dark chocolate spread, strawberry slices and banana slices. It was a very satisfying and delicious lunch, which felt 10x more indulgent than it actually was. Enjoy.

Wholemeal Crepe Batter

1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk (or soy milk)

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup wholemeal flour

1 egg white


Mix the two liquids together, then whisk in the egg white. Add the flour bit by bit whilst whisking, until you have your completed batter. Add a sprinkle of salt.