Thai Coleslaw

Apologies for the delay in getting a new recipe up here. I’ve started my own theatre company with 2 friends this year, and it is proving to take up a considerable amount of my life! Acting and food being my two main passions, I am loathe to complain though.

I’ve been getting really into my healthy “slaws” this summer, and wanted to share my favourite with you – it is, of course, spicy. If you have failed to notice my love of chilli over the swathe of recipes I have shared, take another look now. It will be like hearing a clock tick – once you notice it, you’ll never notice anything else.

20140426_171533This particular slaw is a thai coleslaw, which uses lots of lovely asian tastes, like sesame oil and coriander. It is the perfect fresh side dish to a big old BBQ!


1/2 white cabbage
2 large carrots
6 spring onions
sesame oil
1 lime
1 chilli pepper
large bunch of fresh coriander

Use a food processor to grate the cabbage and carrots down. Then add the chopped spring onions and the chilli pepper (of course add more or less, depending on your love of the spice). Finally pour over a generous amount of sesame oil and squeeze the juice of the lime over the top. Garnish heavily with coriander. I usually chop up a whole supermarket pack of the herb and stir it all in with the other ingredients.

Occasionally I add a red pepper, or some chopped cherry tomatoes for a little extra colour – it can’t hurt it!



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