The Super-ified Classic Stirfry

Today a friend of mine came round for lunch with her beautiful 7-month-old baby daughter. I met Madeline while performing at the Old Vic last year, and shared a dressing room with her throughout the first trimester of her pregnancy. So it is always very emotional and delightful for me to see baby Bree. However, it is also brilliant for another reason – during her first trimester, Madeline was very distressed because she couldn’t get any fruit or veg into her body. Her cravings were only bad! Healthy food tasted disgusting to her. So, having seen this girl cry over the fact that she wants to have fruit but can only eat another chinese take-away, I now relish in cooking her delicious but highly nutritious meals one year on!

Here is what I cooked Madeline – a classic stirfry… but super-ified!


The Super-ified Classic Stirfry



(Basically as many different vegetables of different colours as you can get. For example -)

1 red pepper

1 carrot

6 mushrooms

1 onion

handful of sweetcorn

green beans

Also –

1 large turkey breast (chopped up)

1/2 a pack of beansprouts

1 mango (sliced)

coconut oil

soy sauce

thai sweet chilli sauce

coriander (for garnish)

1 serving of egg noodles.

1. First put the carrots and green beans on to boil (or any other veg that might benefit from a little boiling first. If you can steam instead, steam them).

2. Then fry the onions and turkey breast in a large dollop of wonderful coconut oil (see last entry).

3. When the onions and turkey have browned a little, add the remaining raw chopped vegetables to fry for a while.

4. Add the carrot and green beans that have been boiling, and put the egg noodles on to boil instead (they should only take a couple of minutes).

5. Now add the mango, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and 1 tablespoon of thai sweet chilli sauce.

6. Finally add the beansprouts and the now cooked noodles, and allow to simmer all together for a few mins.

7. Garnish with coriander. When I “garnish”, I usually cover the stirfry in it! It tastes delicious.


To sum-up… it tastes bloody glorious, and it contains tons of brilliant things for you. The various coloured vegetables are pretty self-explanatory, giving you a hyge dose of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Turkey is considered one of the healthiest meats you can consume, some even call it a “superfood” – a term bandied around perhaps a little too much – but whatever you call it, it’s full of low-fat protein and cancer & heart disease-fighting vitamins. The coconut oil is a fantastic way of frying stuff as it is full of good fats, for  breaking down bad things in your body, and it tastes amazing. Finally, no need to feel guilty about the egg noodles, since with everything else filling up the stirfry, you only need 1 portion for 2 people.


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